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Arabic Calligraphy Course - Al-Roqqa (Level 1)
This course aims to train the basic rules of the Roqqa calligraphy and training to hold the pen correctly and write the single and related alphabet and also training to improve the writing of the trainee and learning the dimensions and distances and sizes and thickness of letters and words
30-09-2018 - 11-10-2018
4 PM - 8 PM
Al Jasra Craft Training Centre
BD 50.0 (insurance fee)

Painting on different surfaces course
This course aims at training in the use of different colors,glazed colors, and various materials in drawing on many different surfaces and how to deal with it and also creating skills in different handicrafts so that participants From learning a character can be a starting point for practicing professions that have a material return and benefit Of which
30-09-2018 - 11-10-2018
9 AM - 1 PM
Al Jasra Craft Training Centre